About Me
I'm Shekinah Bautista from MC1023, Second Year Mass Communication of Far Eastern University. I'm from Bulacan and I'm 19 years old. I'm enjoying corny jokes :D I love to dance but I'm afraid to show it with other people. I love sweet foods! :)

I want to live a simply life as much as possible because life must be simple and happy :)

ICT Documentary "KWENTO"→

Note: Just click the title

This documentary is based on true to life story. A girl who fell in love and faces the consequences at her very young age.

*Sorry Mam if we unable to upload it in youtube or even here because we had a hard time uploading it. Sorry Mam.*

"Love over the Sea"

This Public Ad is all about OFW. They are the new heroes in our  generation.  They overcome the fear and loneliness just to give their children a  better future. But sometimes not everyone of them make a good  opportunities. Foreigners are abusing them and treat them like not a  human being. When they come back in our land,  someone say they are rich  because of dollars or other material things they got from foreign  countries. It’s not about the money nor the imported products.. It’s all  about the sacrifices of our OFW’s for their families and also to our country. 
Let’s move Philippines!

Last thursday on the seminar, I’m very thankful that I had the chance to experience a once in a life time event. It’s nice to see in person those famous journalist and they are all great. It feels like I’m dreaming. I learned so well about their lives being a journalist. Every people have their own stories to tell. We only need is to discover and seek for the justice for those who get hurt.

I learned about “Hidden Agenda” well to be honest, I really don’t get it but in some point I understand what it is. And just believe in yourself even if you are not appreciated by the others in your capabilities being a journalist, each and every one of us can be a journalist. Just do anything and keep on fighting together with your “i Phone”. Ms.Natasya said this word several times. But seriously, she’s correct that no matter what gadgets you have or name you have it doesn’t matter but it is all about the credibility of your work.

And the 1 Billion messages we have everyday, I think if every Filipino using their small actions to change our social media here in our country it helps a lot. Thinking that we are belonging in a poor country and we have 1 Billion messages every day I think Philippines will be rich. I will apply my learning to my ICT class and I will practice to be a good student first and after that I will be a good media practitioner. I hope someday I can contribute to change our media to social change. :)

My Favorite Photograph
This was taken by me last 2009.
"Heart Strings"
It’s just a family picture at the first look it’s ordinary but not everybody have a chance to experience like this. This is my favorite photograph because after 17 years it was my first time to had a picture together with them. There’s a story behind every photo.
Year 2010, after my 18 birthday my parents decided to separate. My both parents are working in abroad, my brother eventually he’s not leaving with me. I’m staying with my Grandparents’ house. I used to live like this. But My parents always give the best for us. We are not together physically but within our hearts we are connected. Maybe this is our last picture together but I know someday everything will be okay. In our hearts there are strings that connecting to us.
I know God has a plan for us. Just still wait for the right time. Love is sacrifice. But learn to be positive in life and be happy :)
What is your blog’s personality and Why? What will your blog offer that other blogs don’t have?

My blog’s personality is All about LOVE. I know it’s simple but Love is everything. Love can define anything in this world. I want to enjoy my life with full of love to our God,to my family,to my friends, to my future someone and to everybody. I think if the people around the world love each other despite of our differences.. I think.. Life is Love. Everybody can appreciate that life is fair. I’ll offer them true love. It means everything in this blog is pure and true that everybody will appreciate their lives. Spread the Love! That’s what other blogs don’t have! :)

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